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13/30 Project-less Yarn

30 Day Knitting Challenge Day 13: Do you have yarn that you love but can’t find a project for?

I used to, but I solved the problem by writing a pattern for the yarn: Infinite Wave Cowl (on Ravelry, etsy, craftsy). I had 4 skeins of Plymouth Earth Ecco Baby Camel in my stash for 6 years. It was a Mother’s Day/Birthday present (my birthday is close to Mother’s Day) from my husband in 2010. He got it for me so I could make a hat, but IMO, the yarn didn’t want to be a hat – it’s baby camel and needed to be something next to the skin, something extra special for a special yarn.

Plymouth Earth Ecco Baby Camel picture from my stash

This yarn was picky; I’d periodically check Ravelry for 200yd bulky weight yarn patterns & projects without anything speaking to me or the yarn. This spring I decided that 6 years is long enough to not knit super special yarn so I designed a cowl thinking there must be other people out there with super special bulky weight skeins who would also appreciate a close to the skin project. Bonus: the pattern is reversible.

Infinite Wave Cowl
Infinite Wave Cowl (I should retake this picture with the fancy DSLR!)

So I do have other yarn (and fiber) in my larger-than-I-thought stash (like my treasure trove from MDS&W this year) that doesn’t know what it wants to be yet, but I’m pretty sure that I’ll be able to come up with something for it all with time and the right inspiration.

MDSW 2016 Haul
Goodies from MDS&W 2016


5 responses to “13/30 Project-less Yarn”

  1. How cool to have written your own pattern for the yarn 🙂 It’s absolutely stunning!

  2. I have one skein that fits that category, a very expensive skein I “accidentally” bought while visiting Chatham, MA. The cowl is a good idea but it’s self-striping in beautiful deep ocean colors and I want to show off the color.

    1. This cowl definitely wouldn’t be good for a self-striping yarn – the stitch pattern would get totally lost in the stripes. A cowl with a slip stitch pattern would show it off nicely though! What weight is the yarn?

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