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16/30 Knitting Injuries

30 Day Knitting Challenge Day 16: Have you ever had a knitting related injury?

Yes. Several times I’ve had overuse injuries in my hands and wrists. Currently, the joints in my left fingers (but not my thumb) hurt to bend all the way and when the larger finger joint is squeezed or twisted, so no left hooks will be forthcoming from me. The last 2 days I’ve taken a break from sweater knitting, but the joints don’t hurt while I’m knitting and so I’ll likely keep going but will bring it up next winter when I have a check-up with my doctor. My Mom has arthritis in her hands and it started when she was about my age, so I’m guessing it’s mostly because I’m no spring chicken anymore.

Knitting can be dangerous: proceed with caution!
Indirectly, I also got a black eye. When my knitting group was still meeting regularly, I gave a ride to one of the women who was laid up with a broken ankle and unable to drive. She needed to be home before the end of the meet-up, so I zipped her home and then, since it was on the way, zipped back to my house to pick something up. I left the car – a Volvo SUV (XC90) – running in the driveway, which slopes down to the street. When I came back with my hands full, I swung the door open hard enough to give me space to keep it from closing but I miscalculated the timing and got the corner of the door right above my left eye. It bloomed into a glorious black eye that I got a lot of inquisitive looks and more than a few questions about; the father of one of my youngest sons friends (along with a few other people) was very concerned that my husband, who he had never met, may have been the cause. My story sounded like a lame cover up for him but it was the truth, I swear! A little over a year later, after I had started playing roller derby, I got another black eye when I skated past someone and she flung her arms out for balance and hit my face, which is apparently more believable than getting a black eye from your car because of knitting.


5 responses to “16/30 Knitting Injuries”

  1. PaperPuff Avatar

    Lol! Knitting is a powerful weapon, to be used wisely!

    1. It does involve working with 2 pointy sticks; I’m lucky I haven’t stabbed myself in the butt by sitting on in progress projects!

      1. PaperPuff Avatar

        You probably need some specialised insurance…!

  2. Ouch! I’ve had a black eye before too and gotten those questions; however mine was from my overzealous godson and a toy car. Knitting can be dangerous though 🙂

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