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I could look through old pictures all day long, even other people’s old pictures. At this point, these almost are other people’s old pictures; if I had my Aunt Sue K sitting with me as I scanned or if my brother and I had done that with Dad when he a alive or even if I had been a Very Ambitious, Historical-minded High School kid, I would have more solid info in my captions. Take note all you people with boxes of old pictures and living relatives who can tell the stories that go with them.

Ben & Betty Kinne. I don’t think this one was dated, but I’m guessing it was pre-baby and probably pre-marriage. It was also hand-colored by Grandma (Betty).

And the same picture retouched in Photoshop with my amateur skillz.

The Happy Couple – Benjamin E. Kinne, Elizabeth N. White – July 24, 1943. I love the grins on their faces.

Baby picture of Dad, born July 11, 1944. I’m guessing he’s about 5 or 6 months old in this. Also hand-colored by Grandma.

The fish pond at the farm house (the Big House, the one my great-grandparents lived in) in Rehoboth, MA.

Dad and his Uncle Howie and the awesome fish pond again. Howie was Grandma’s brother – Howard White – a WWII vet. He died in the 50’s in a car crash. Howie was Dad’s favorite uncle.

Dad Cousins
Dad, far right (I think), and his cousins (or maybe his Uncle Donnie, too?) at the farm in Rehoboth, MA. Sadly, the farm, which was in the family for a several generations, is a golf course now.

Two lucky kids, Aunt Sue K and Dad, Christmas 1950. This picture makes me want to chant “You’ll shoot your eye out! You’ll shoot your eye out!”

I’m not sure of the date, but I’m going to guess 1955 or 56.

scott Baby
Scott, born 8/11/59, 6lbs, 4oz. Grandma was 34 when she had him.

About the bear: I have that bear. Dad got the bear from a friend of the family when he was little and it was worn when he got it. There are suspicions that he’s a Steiff (the bear, not my Dad or Scott), but his hands and feet have been replaced. Even in this picture it’s evident that he’s been patched up. His ears are pretty worn out too, and I think Steiffs are identified by some doo-dad on their ears. Or feet. Or something.

Joel as a toddler. Grandma was 40 when she had him and well into the sauce by then. I know Aunt Sue K ended up doing being more mother than sister to Scott & Joel; that’s a lot to lay on a teenager. 

There are more pictures and things on Flickr; they aren’t organized and not all of them are cropped properly. Feel free to go poke around in the Archive: Old Letters & Pictures set (and any other set/collection that’s over there); you can tag things and make comments.

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