Roller Girl?

Trying to come up with a roller derby name is hard. I’m not even sure sometimes if I’m really a derby girl/chick: am I fierce enough? Ten years ago: yes. Twenty years ago: definitely yes. So I’m going back to some of the music I listened to (and have continued to listen to all this time) for some inspiration. PJ Harvey’s first two albums really helped me work through some of my rage, if only while into walking angrily across the Cut (campus, basically, for non-CMU people) or glowering on the city bus to my first job at HealthAmerica.

Hardly Wait

Go get the albums and listen to them. Go.

2 thoughts on “Roller Girl?

  1. I LOVE that song. Oddly, Juliette Lewis did a version for the movie Strange Days that I like almost as much (and that's the one on my ipod, not the PJ Harvey version).I still love Hurl Madgesty. When you start body checking opponants like a queen, there will be no other name that fits you as well! Ha! 🙂 You are already skating like a champ. See you tonight!


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