The Secret History of Knitting

I came across this video thanks to a post on the Knitty blog and have to share it, although I’ve only watched about 10 minutes of it (I’m saving it for knitting later). If you don’t read the Knitty blog, you should – I always find useful, inspiring info there. 🙂 Also, once again I wish I lived in Canada.

Also thanks to another post on the Knitty blog, a way to help those affected by the Fort McMurry fires in Canada:

Designer Lucy Neatby is raising funds for the Red Cross through sales of a new pattern, the Fiesta Bag. This gorgeous set of bags use Lucy’s very clever Flying Swallows stitch pattern, and features cables, slipped stitches and textured stitches. A project suitable for intermediate level knitters, this would be an excellent way to expand your skills while doing a little bit to help.

All proceeds of the $7.50CDN sales price (other than tax) will go directly to the Red Cross

I’m off to buy my Fiesta Bag pattern – have a great Saturday!

4 thoughts on “The Secret History of Knitting

  1. I love this! Thank you so much for posting about it. I talked about it in my blog post today and linked back here. Hope that’s okay.

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