TBT: Knitting Patterns from the 1940s from the V&A

I love the 1940s – the clothing & hair styles, the music, a lot of the movies. I also really like shows & movies set during this time; I particularly enjoyed the sweaters in Foyle’s War and Home Fires. The Victoria and Albert Museum has a gallery of knits & knitting patterns from this era. My favorites:

6 responses to “TBT: Knitting Patterns from the 1940s from the V&A”

  1. I also like these styles. I have visited the Victoria and Albert Museum online several times. I am glad these patterns are still available.

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    1. The V&A is someplace I’d like to go to in person someday. We’re taking a trip to NZ this winter and are waiting for passports to arrive. Once those are in hand, hopefully we’ll do more international travel. #travelgoals


  2. My sister lives in the old part of Hastings where Foyle’s War was filmed. It used to be quite odd coming out of the front door and finding yourself in wartime England! I love the 1940s clothes too. And the shoes!

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    1. That must’ve been really neat! And yes, the shoes too!


      1. It was pretty cool!

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  3. These are great. If you like vintage patterns, you should also check out http://www.knitting-and.com/knitting/allpatterns.htm – some fantastic patterns to browse through 🙂

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