1/30 First Finished Project

Because I’m in a bit of a knit design and etsy slump (both feel pointless to me right now) and because I’m knitting the boring part (i.e., the body) of two sweaters, I’ll jump on the 30 Day Knitting Challenge, which is more about blogging about knitting than knitting itself. I’m not sure where this originated, but here’s a list of all 30 prompts if you’re curious.

Day 1: What was your first finished project?

My first finished project was probably a garter stitch scarf. My Mom taught me how to crochet (first) and knit (second) when I was 6 or 7, so I’m not entirely sure, but I do remember knitting lots of garter stitch. When I picked knitting up again in 1999-2000, I probably started with a seed stitch scarf; again, I’m not entirely sure because this was long before Ravelry and before I had the bright idea to start documenting projects on my own (long defunct) website. This is probably one of my earliest photographed projects and my second attempt at colorwork – on Ravelry here.

3 thoughts on “1/30 First Finished Project

    1. Thank you! Both of my boys complained that they were too itchy & wouldn’t wear them; I made them using WoolEase. I really like doing colorwork; it’s fun and addicting, in way – I love watching the pattern take shape with each row.

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