9/30 Favorite Fiber or Yarn

30 Day Knitting Challenge Day 9: What fiber or yarn do you love working with?

Cormo for life. I love spinning cormo, I love knitting with the resulting yarn, and I love how springy and soft the resulting knitted object is. I’ve been meaning to try a commercial (or small batch) cormo yarn, like Elsawool. The white part of my Blue Palm Cardi is cormo that I spun. I also blended it with blue BFL to get the different shades of blue in the yoke.

Bohus Yoke - Front

I also really love knitting with Stonehenge Fiber’s Shepherd’s Wool. Once again, it’s soft and springy. I have two bags (10 skeins?) of worsted in the Granite colorway waiting to become another Exeter. I discovered Shepherd’s Wool at Fibre Space, my favorite not-exactly local LYS, and got 2 skeins that I ended up using to make hats, including this Star Crossed Slouchy Beret.

Star Crossed Slouchy Beret


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