10/30 Favorite Pattern or Designer

30 Day Knitting Challenge Day 10: Do you have a favorite pattern or designer??

Kelmscott; I’ve gotten lots of compliments and thanks for this picture – apparently people didn’t think they could wear this sweater with jeans.

Yes: I really love Carol Sunday‘s designs (her designer page on Ravelry is here). I’ve knit two of her patterns: Kelmscott and Old Town. I learned new knitting and garment construction techniques with both patterns. I liked Old Town so much that one of my WIPs is another one that I hope to finish before the weather gets chillier so I can wear it early & often.

My first Old Town

In addition to great pattern quality and challenging techniques, Carol is responsive and supportive in her Ravelry group and on Ravelry in general. She commented on my Kelmscott project before I cast on to recommend that I go down a size from what I was planning to make, which I did with great results. I’m also fairly certain she read through my extensive notes after I finished. I highly, highly recommend her patterns!

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