18/30 Do you knit English or Continental?

30 Day Knitting Challenge Day 18: Do you knit English or Continental?

Yes. (Be kind; these are my first-ever videos of me knitting. I need a better set-up if I decide to do this on the regular.)

And backwards too:

7 thoughts on “18/30 Do you knit English or Continental?

  1. The backwards knitting still fries my brain! I might try the continental style though as it looks a bit more efficient possibly. I actually didn’t think I let go of the needle to wrap the yarn around so had to go knit a row to check, and of course I do let go.

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    1. I’ve tried not letting go of the needle when I knit English – I’ve seen people do it – but my fingers won’t cooperate. I feel like they should be able to stretch to get the yarn around the needle & they just aren’t built that way.

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