29/30 Tips

30 Day Knitting Challenge Day 29: Do you have any tips, or things that you’ve learned from knitting?


I have lots and lots of tips, but most of them pertain to specific situations or problems. For example, to cable without a cable needle, it helps to hold your knitting below the live row so you’re not pulling out stitches while you’re manipulating the needles. I have a whole board on Pinterest for knitting tips. But then I do have some other general proclamations …

  • Have patience with yourself and what your hands will do. Knitting is mostly muscle memory and it takes time to train your muscles to do different things.
  • If there’s something that’s bothering you about your knitting and you’re not sure whether or not to tink back or rip it out, go ahead and tink or rip – if it bothers you now, it’ll still bother you when the piece is finished.
  • Buy the best yarn and supplies that you can afford.
  • Learning how to do magic loop with circular needles will save you from having to buy circulars in multiple sizes – just get the longest set you can.
  • Connect with other knitters in person or online; you’ll learn new things and get to see what other people are working on, which can be really inspiring.

And probably more – I’m always open to questions and helping other people, even if it’s tracking down an answer from someone else or commiserating.

6 thoughts on “29/30 Tips

  1. I followed your board too! I’m not on Pinterest as much as I used to be since they changed over the format; however I do still go there to find things I’ve saved 🙂 You have some very useful tips / hints on that board that I will go back and save to my knitting board as soon as I have a little time. Thank you!

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  2. I totally agree to your tips, especially to the ripping part. When something bothers you while you are knitting it, you will never love the finished project when you have to force yourself to work on it. I exclude complicated patterns one tries to avoid because of one’s own laziness. That’s a different thing.

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