Tuesday is the New Monday (kinda)

Thanks to a holiday yesterday (Columbus Day in the US, known by many on social media as Indigenous People Day), today is the beginning of a brand new week. Since I finished the 30 Day (Blogging About) Knitting Challenge, I thought I’d try out a regular schedule of posts, something not quite as taxing as the challenge but more challenging than posting nothing. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

Monday – Set goals for the week. Motivation Monday? Review goals from last week?
Tuesday – TV Tuesday: What I’m watching or listening to or reading.
Wednesday – Wordless Wednesday
Thursday – TBT for knitting/history
Friday – Follow Friday – highlight someone/something I follow
Saturday – Review goals for the week? Take a break?
Sunday – Silent Sunday, Wordless Wednesday’s more profound sister, or a quick little ditty about what I’m reflecting on in terms of the big picture (life, the cosmos, etc.)

I suppose I’d also sprinkle in some project talk in on any of those days, not just Monday or Saturday. I’m also open to suggestions – is there something that you’d be particularly interested in? Let me know in the comments!

So. Goals. My goals for the week. I set them each week in my Bullet Journal, so this should be easy peasy:

  • Finish the secret project that I haven’t told you guys about
  • If the yarn comes, finish the 2nd Gir-inspired hat
  • Finish the pattern for the Gir hat & secret project & send them off to the copy editor (my generous & meticulous friend Becky)
  • Finish the back hem of The Green Wood
  • Clean up the spinning wheel & spin, even if it’s just for 15 minutes

That wasn’t so bad. A little ambitious, so I should probably get busy on some of that. But it’s also Tuesday …

Last night I caught up on Halt and Catch Fire, which will have the season finale on Tuesday. I’ll have to start getting my Lee Pace and 80s music fixes elsewhere. That reminds me that I still need to watch the last episode of The Get Down with my 17 year old. It’s a Baz Luhrmann series set in the late 70s in New York, it’s on Netflix or rather exclusive to Netflix, and it’s really good. I’ve been watching both of these not just because they’re entertaining, but also for the nostalgia factor of the sets and some of the vintage footage mixed in to The Get Down. Yes, I’m old enough to remember the late 70s – I was born in 1972, so … yeah. I’m that old (or young, depending on your perspective). I’ve also been listening to a lot of music from that era on the radio in the car, bouncing between 2 local classic rock stations (106.9 The Eagle and 100.3 Big 100). My favorite station by far, though, is The Gamut, which I could only get in the car until they began streaming (finally!) a few weeks ago. That means you can listen to them also and let me tell you, they are worth it: a commercial-free mix of … of … well, everything. I’ve heard classic country followed by polka followed by rap followed by R&B – if you don’t like what they’re playing, wait for the next song. It’s amazing!


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