Traditional Shetland Blocking/Dressing

“Dressing hosiery”

The Shetland Museum and Archives has textile photo archive available. I think this particular photo is interesting because it shows sweaters (jumpers!) being blocked (dressed!) on wooden forms and I kind of wish I had a few. I wonder when these fell out of use (or have they?) and whether or not making modern versions would be a good business idea – surely someone has already considered it. Also, the shawl being blocked is pretty incredible, so fine that you can see the woman standing behind it.

11 thoughts on “Traditional Shetland Blocking/Dressing

    1. They probably do, though I can imagine one made out of PVC pipe that could be taken apart for storage. I say imagine because I’m no engineer or carpenter or handy-person (in that way). But the more I think about it, the more do-able it seems. Maybe I’ll get Ky (Mr. madgeface) on it; he’s slightly more handy, but not by much.

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