The Week

Last week I set some goals for the first time here and I crushed them but was a bit ambitious:

      • Finish the secret project that I haven’t told you guys about Washed & blocked it, too!
      • If the yarn comes, finish the 2nd Gir-inspired hat Also washed & blocked.
      • Finish the pattern for the Gir hat & secret project & send them off to the copy editor (my generous & meticulous friend Becky)
      • Finish the back hem of The Green Wood
      • Clean up the spinning wheel & spin, even if it’s just for 15 minutes

Not bad, not bad at all. This week let’s see if I can hit them all:

  • Do my copy edit of the patterns and send them off to Becky.
  • Get the fancy camera out (and find a memory card for it) and take picture of the Gir hat & the secret project.
  • Finish the back hem of The Green Wood.
      • Clean up the spinning wheel & spin, even if it’s just for 15 minutes.
      • Finish the Luchadore Mask Balaclava for Ethan. I’m making hats for all 3 of my boys; Brandon asked for the Gir hat, Ethan asked for a Luchadore Mask, and Henry is still deciding.

6 responses to “The Week”

  1. I feel something motivational would be appropriate here? I can’t do ‘you go, girl’ though. I am British after all!! And really I am unconvinced that anyone over a certain age can get away with saying that in any case. How about ‘if you do it all, you have earned cake for lunch EVERY day’? !

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    1. Cake is a great motivator! I can’t really do ‘you go girl’ either – it just never really felt right coming out of my mouth. But cake … I may have to dash to the store for a slice; my closest supermarket has a great bakery & sells individual slices, mini cakes (cupcakes too), individual fruit tarts, and more. Yum!

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      1. Get a trolley. Load up. Prepare for success…

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  2. When asked why she blew half the grocery budget on cake & pastry, she innocently replied “I’m just preparing for success!!” 😂


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