While I was knitting …

I really don’t want all my blog post titles to be alliterative so I’m exploring some more interesting titles for them, including today – my second TV Tuesday While I was knitting … post.

While finishing up the Gir hat and the scarf, and getting started on the luchadore mask balaclava, I started watching River on Netflix. One of my friends mentioned it to me on Friday and since it’s been in my queue for ages, I thought it was time to finally check it out. Stellen Skarsgård is great in it and Nicola Walker was a surprise; I came for Stellen & didn’t realize (or check, really) to see who else was in it. I first came across her in MI-5/Spooks and have seen her in a few other things. I have 2 episodes left and because it reminds me some of Wallander, may have to seek that out and rewatch it.

I also watched Carol, which was nominated for 6 Academy Awards. I really like Cate Blanchett and one of director Todd Hayne’s previous films, Far From Heaven. Carol is a beautifully shot movie. Blanchett & Rooney Mara are superb; there is so much going on in this movie that’s unspoken and unacknowledged that I paused a few times while knitting so as not to miss anything.

Hopefully, I’ll get back to reading and knitting or reading a book instead of the internet with my coffee in the morning and in bed at night. I’m halfway through Quiet Dell by Jayne Ann Phillips. It’s a fictionalized account of a true crime, although Phillips sticks pretty closely to the facts of the case. She does, however, toss in a fictionalized romance and this really bothers me; I think the story is complex and compelling enough without that. And so I stalled out while reading it because I got tired plowing through the predictable romantic sections. But once I finish it, I can move on to the other to-be-read books in my stack, like The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec 2: The Mad Scientist and Mummies on Parade.

9 responses to “While I was knitting …”

  1. I am really enjoying getting book and TV recommendations. I actually don’t watch enough TV (really!) so am resolved to watch more. Yeah, I know, tough decision…

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    1. I’m glad this is helpful! It makes me feel accomplished, somehow, to keep track of what I’m taking in.

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      1. Absolutely. I can’t remember anything plot-wise from one week to another. Binge watching works way better for me, except I just don’t have the time to do it. My sister is the total opposite and could tell you the full plot of a movie she watched 30 years ago.


  2. Plots are hit or miss for me; sometimes I remember books & shows & movies with no problem, and other times I’ll re-read or re-watch something thinking it’s new to me only to realize it’s eerily familiar – I have a good laugh then and finish the thing anyway because I usually like things as well or better the second time around.


  3. I love hear about what you’re watching and reading! We just started binge watching The Killing. It’s turning out to be pretty good.

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    1. The Killing is great! I was so disappointed when they decided not to renew it for another season.

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      1. Oh, wow! It sounds like we have the same taste in TV/movies. Have you watched The Fall? It’s really really good as well.

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      2. I watched a few episodes of The Fall and it didn’t really grab me; maybe it’s time to try it again!


  4. My problem is that I rarely watch TV. But when I get hooked on a show, I can’t stop watching until I hit the end of the series…or the episodes on Netflix. 🙂

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