Halloween TBT + Cat Hats

Henry's Halloween tree.
Halloween Tree by Henry, May 2011

Much like Henry’s Halloween tree from May 2011 (yes, of all the trees he could have drawn for this spring assignment, he chose a Halloween tree), which has “bin here sense the last Second,” I give you Jeff and Eevee in their Halloween hats. These only count as throwbacks for throwback Thursday in the way that any photograph is a throwback to a few seconds (or minutes, hours, days, years) ago. Happy Thursday!


Jeff's mostly ready for Halloween - we just need a rainbow somewhere.
Jeffrey Lebowski, Uni-kitty
I think I broke Eevee (though she wriggled out of this a few seconds later). It's supposed to be a shark fin but looks more like a 3rd ear (and an elf ear, at that) - I may rip it out & try again. But for now, cue the Jaws music anyway.
Eevee, shark (or extra special cat with a third ear that looks borrowed from an elf – I may re-knit the shark fin)

13 thoughts on “Halloween TBT + Cat Hats

  1. You’re lucky the kitties let you put on their hats. Mine would NOT be happy. lol And I am so sentimental about my kids’ artwork – I kept all the pages like this from when they started school and I can’t bear to get rid of it, even though it’s really starting to mount up and take alot of space.


    1. Well, I survived the night so the cats forgave me. I’m working on hats for the dogs now; they will probably keep the hats on longer than the cats. I love the kids artwork too; I’ve kept some of the extra special pieces, like this one, and have taken pictures of others along with some of their big school projects.

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