23 thoughts on “Dragon Scale Mail Mitts Mismatch

    1. It is a little frustrating, more than that, I can’t believe my measurements were so off when I started the thumb opening, which is where I went wrong. Oh well – the bright side is that I get to work a few more rows with scales, which is actually pretty fun.

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      1. I lied, one last one for the road: turtle sweaters (so basically, vests with 4 armholes). Unicorn & narwhal horn cozies! Banana sweaters! Phew. I feel better now. Thanks for loling along with me!

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      2. Haha!
        Oh man, there’s an elephant I knitted for my first son that needed four double pointed needles at once. I kept making the legs different lengths and then having to redo it. Over and over and over.
        I finished the damn thing and haven’t knitted anything since haha. Crochet is so much easier

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    1. Thank you! A friend commissioned them for her son, so they really do need to be the same size. If they were for me, I probably would leave them as is because the right one does show off my tattoo rather nicely.

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    1. Have you ever knit with beads? Attaching them is the same as one method for attaching beads – instead of pre-stringing the scales (one method for knitting with beads), you knit (well, purl) them together with a stitch so both legs of the stitch go through the scale. It does take a little extra time, but they are fun to work with!

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