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Pantsuit Nation? Sounds political. It is. It’s a group on Facebook for Hillary Clinton supporters who plan to vote for Hillary next Tuesday while wearing a pantsuit (that’s a lady suit with pants instead of a skirt). An acquaintance and Facebook friend added me to the group and the women (and men) posting in it have saved my sanity in the last week. Since I’ve been added, the group has grown from 250,000ish to 597,564 as of this moment. The majority of the posts are positive thanks to posting guidelines and some admins who are really on the ball.

If you have similar political views and would like to join in, even if you’re not US citizen or can’t vote for some reason,  try this link or let me know in the comments – I’ll friend you on FB and add you.

In other news, I’ve sworn off posting election-related things to Facebook, again. My BA is a double – Rhetoric & French – and despite that first one, I hate arguing, much less arguing politics. I also doubt that I’m going to change anyone’s mind or help someone make up their mind at this point. So if you’re not a fan of Hillary, no worries – I’m not trying to convince anyone, I’m just spreading the word about a safe place online for like-minded people.


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