NZ Day 3: Merry Sandmass!

We opened presents and then headed out for a picnic on a Murawai Beach, a black sand beach on the west coast of Auckland. This trip is our collective family Christmas present, the gift we’re unwrapping every day with each new adventure instead of having gifts under the tree. The best part is being with family, the gift that keeps on giving. Love and peace to you & yours! ☃️🦑☃️🎄🌴🎄❤️


4 thoughts on “NZ Day 3: Merry Sandmass!

    1. Thank you! I try to keep the photos interesting and, I dunno, arty – I leave most of the people pictures to my husband. I want to be able to look back & feel what it was like to be at each of these places. I’d be jealous of me if I weren’t here! We’re very fortunate to be able to stay with family and that the family are excellent hosts – so far, they are the best part of the trip. I only hope we can do the same for them when they visit us in N VA outside DC.

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