Catalina Ski Sweater by Flipsville

I stumbled across this beauty and am now obsessed. There is but one picture of it that I could find on the interwebs (even using and that’s from a broken Pinterest link. A cursory search of the other keywords hasn’t yielded any useful information about Catalina (a style? a regional style?) or Flipsville (except that they were a UK commercial sweater maker). But this sweater is gorgeous!catalinaskisweater


6 responses to “Catalina Ski Sweater by Flipsville”

  1. Holy Wow!!! It’s so beautiful.

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    1. I want to start charting it now!!! But I’ll wait; I need to finish my current finely knit project (a Bohus cardi) and take a rest from 2.5mm needles before I think about something so fine.

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  2. Agreed, she’s a beaut. Good luck in the hunt for more info

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  3. That is a super garment. Pair of ski pants and some huge sunglasses and ready for a hot chocolate at the top of the ski run!!

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    1. And a tasteful beehive or maybe a chignon. (I’m growing my hair out and can finally consider these longer hair style possibilities.)


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