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If you’re a fiber artist working with yarn and on Instagram, follow @yarnlovechallenge and the #yarnlovechallenge hashtag, which I’ve also seen in use on Facebook; it’s a month of daily prompts for yarn-related photos. oharethey and maryheatherb are the creators. They started a Ravelry group for people to connect even more, which I just joined. So far, I’ve seen so many beautiful, inventive photos and projects that it’s hard to pick a favorite and equally hard for me to take the perfect picture – I’m a perfectionist and need to practice some letting go, I think, which is another good thing about this challenge.

You still might be able to play catch up and join; it’s only day 3 of the challenge and I promise, perfectionism not withstanding, it’s fun to do and to see what other people have done.

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