TBT: Bathing Ensemble

As spring approaches, I’m reminded that it’s time to get this season’s bathing suit and associated accessories squared away. I may have to dust off my crochet hooks for these gems from 1970, found here, and some really fascinating tan lines.


12 thoughts on “TBT: Bathing Ensemble

    1. I hear that when they get wet, they stretch and sag, which is why I’ve never made or worn one. But I guess with this ensemble the poncho would help preserve one’s post-swim modesty.

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  1. OMG! I had a couple pairs of those foot things (no idea what to call them) growing up. Someone made them for me (not at my request), and they were fancy….they had a crocheted flower over the toe. 😉

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  2. Another 1970s fashion trauma! As for when it was wet, not just the likelihood that it would fall off, but the smell of damp wool is often not the most attractive…


  3. I dont know why, but i love it! Perhaps it’s the idea of having a tanning-suit that I like…I dunno but it makes me think of summer and this paired with crafting, makes me even happier! Thanks for sharing!

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