TBT: Young Eleanor & FDR

Eleanor Roosevelt knit constantly and was photographed knitting often. I suppose it’s a bit more rare to see a photo of FDR knitting as well, but here it is. There is another much more comprehensive blog post about Eleanor knitting, so I won’t get into anything here. However, neatorama explains (scroll to the second to last point) that this photo, taken shortly after their marriage, was likely a joke: Eleanor is actually holding a cocktail glass (perhaps his favorite pastime) and FDR is shown knitting (her favorite pastime). He’s doing a terrible job holding the working yarn, by the way, which further supports the idea that this is an elaborate joke.

3 responses to “TBT: Young Eleanor & FDR”

  1. Love it! 🙂

    Thanks for the link to the Eleanor knitting post too!

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    1. It was an interesting read!


  2. Nice to have something so light hearted from a Presidential couple, I think. Good photo!

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