The Week March 27-April 2, 2017

Last week’s goals with progress indicated:

      • Knit 3 or more wedges of Aranami.
        Not done – I got caught up in cables and finishing the Aspen sleeves, so I only managed 1 last night.
      • Start sleeve cap shaping on Aspen sleeves.
        Done. Started and finished – the sleeves are done. See?

I finished the sleeves for my Aspen cardi (by @mishi2x) this weekend. On to calculating to make it shorter, balling more yarn, and starting the fronts. This cat-free picture brought to you by blue bouncy ball, the great distractor.

    • Go to TKD twice.
      Done – I went thrice.
    • Add more pictures to Society 6 and let my FB people know.
      Done. Maybe I should replace the blog link in Instagram with a link to S6? And since I’m on the subject, maybe replace etsy shop link in @madgeface twitter account with link to this.

I also started an exercise challenge, egged on by my old roller derby buddies and an article in Runner’s World: 30 burpees (full burpees, with pushups) for 15 days. Today will be day 7 since we started last Tuesday. I pulled or strained something in my shoulder so it aches at rest and hurts when I turn my neck. I’m not sure if I’m going to keep going or not – is the pain just my body getting used to doing pushups again or did I really pull something? (Can you tell I’m putting off today’s 30 burpees by writing about them instead?)

Next week:

    • Knit 1 or more wedge of Aranami.
    • Do the math to figure out the stitch count for the fronts & back of Aspen since I’m doing a shorter version. I have the vague idea that the cabling should start around where the belt loops (which I’m not doing according to pattern) go.
    • Go to TKD twice.
    • Add more pictures to Society 6 and let my FB people know.
    • Decide yes/no on NaPoWriMo and yes/no on 100 day project (likely writing) since April is Saturday, the start day for both.
    • Come up with a good (not completely awful and humiliating) April Fool’s joke to play on Ky & the boys. Or, alternately, rise above it/go into full denial and just call it April 1.
    • Start a cat cave for Jeff (and later, one for Eevee) since he likes his improvised one so much:

Jeff's improvised cave


8 responses to “The Week March 27-April 2, 2017”

  1. Funny, for my second week list, I was going to add “start daily push ups again” and explain that I had to quit due to a shoulder injury. Still will add that, but thought it was funny that I haven’t even gotten a chance to make a list and here’s your list with similar goal and reason for not having done so previously.

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    1. That is funny! Great minds think alike! I need to catch up with your blog (and everyone else’s); my apologies for not being more present – I should’ve added that to my list also!

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  2. Haha! Love the improvised cat cave. Did you knit the blanket???

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No, my Mom made it for me. Isn’t it beautiful? She improvised the whole thing and surprised me with it 2 years ago when I wasn’t feeling well. Everyone at my house loves it!

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      1. Heavens, yes!! Perfection in a blanket. Now I see where you get your knitting chops! 😉

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  3. Those cables, though! Oh my! And, I love your cat–I must admire such felines from a distance, given some allergies . . . but I love them nonetheless 🙂

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    1. I couldn’t resist those cables – I had to finish the sleeves! I’m sorry you’re allergic to cats – I wish you many awesome cat videos, gifs, & memes!


  4. Every kitty should have a knitty cave!!


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