LOL Friday: What Have I Been Doing This Week?

Thanks to our celebration of the Memorial Day holiday here in the US, I slacked on my blogging schedule. To be fair, the family we stayed with in New Zealand was in town, so we spent Monday cleaning and preparing a big meal for them, and then spent Tuesday in DC seeing the sights with them. It’s just been an odd week and I decided to take an impromptu blogging break. But I can’t miss LOL Friday, so here are some alternate explanations of what I’ve been doing this week.

3 responses to “LOL Friday: What Have I Been Doing This Week?”

  1. loving this post. laughing and loving it. Your new sweater (which I saw a glimpse of on IG) is lovely!

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    1. Thank you and I’m glad this post gave you a laugh!


  2. Hilarious, but sadly most of it is true!

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