LOL Friday

This has been rattling around for at least a yaer, but it’s funny and encouraging at the same time, a rare thing. Happy Friday! 

6 responses to “LOL Friday”

  1. I’ve never seen this one! Have you ever tried to watch a sharknado movie? I tried once. I usually like stupid humor but that one tested my limits. I didn’t last twenty minutes.

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    1. I couldn’t even make it through the preview; I don’t have a lot of patience for really terrible movies. Stupid humor: yes, but terrible movies, no, not unless I’m watching with friends who turn it into a personalized MST3K experience.

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  2. Hahaha! Good advice… And funnily enough, Netflix actually tried to interest me in Sharknado 4 the other day! FOUR! How did they stretch that idea to 4 movies?!

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    1. Oh lort – I can only imagine how bad 4 is!


      1. Ha! The mind boggles! I’m thinking it might be a perfect candidate for the weekly Schlock Sunday movie night in our house though… 😆

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  3. 🦈🌪🦈🌪🦈🌪🦈😂🤣


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