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A Liminal New Year and a WIP-less Wednesday

Happy New Year! It’s almost getting to late to say that, isn’t it? I think I’m mentally still stuck in the liminal week between Christmas and New Year’s Day while the clock and the calendar are continuing anyway. I didn’t cast on anything on January 1, 2024 or really any other year; I just never got into that particular knitting ritual. Maybe if I had I wouldn’t still feel stuck in a liminal space?

Speaking of calendars and days, I finished a blanket for my middle son last weekend. He got engaged over the holidays and in my excitement, I decided to give the blanket to them both at their engagement party this coming weekend. It’s not really sized for two, so I may decide to make another one they can both completely fit under to snuggle.

The pattern is These Days Blanket by Fifty Four Ten Studios, it resembles crossed out days on a calendar. I used Neighborhood Fiber Co’s Studio Worsted again for this, which was spendy but oh so worth it! I ran it through the washer and dryer on delicate (although the dryer isn’t recommended) and it came out perfectly! The original blanket is fully reversible but Ethan wanted some stripes, so it’s not exactly reversible. I wish I had alternated the side I started the stripes on so it would look similar on both sides – oh well, it’s fine as is.

Of course there’s an incalculable percentage of cat hair in the project – Jeff really loved laying on it when it got large enough for him to lay on it. I also snuggled under it. It’s pleasingly warm and has a nice weight to it, not too heavy but not gossamer light either. I might just have to make Jeff a small consolation blanket.

As the blanket grew and became more cumbersome to take with me on the go, I needed another more portable project so I start a 55 stitch bias-knit scarf using lace weight alpaca that I got from Shirsty Cat Designs at Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival this year and a skein of 2-ply alpaca my friend Becky entrusted me with. It’s kismet that the reds match!

Unfortunately, simple bias knit things are my downfall; my mind wanders, I forget to balance my increases and decreases, and pretty soon my end doesn’t match the cast-on, like the above. All isn’t lost though! While I didn’t successfully rip out the entire scarf, I’m okay with that and am treating it as a swatch for a sweater, the Dragonfly Cardigan from Gepard. It’s got an all-over slipped stitch pattern that I think will probably look great in the variegated Alpaca Poof from Shirsty Cat.

That’s it for knitting projects. I always feel unmoored when I don’t have anything on my needles or a crochet project on the go. It’s another liminal space for me, WIP-less Wednesday.


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  1. I love the designs by Fifty Four Ten Studios. Two thumbs up! This is a very pretty pattern and seems easy to commit to memory. I have the same trouble with bias knitting. I have attempted the Northeasterly blanket a few times, and inevitably scrap the idea because I forget the decreases.

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