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Way back in 2010ish my friend Alana was making Anne Hanson’s Alhambra, I think after a trip to Spain to see the castle itself. At the time, I was focused on other things, like learning how to spin, and then roller derby came along and I nearly stopped crafting 2011-2015, when I retired. But I never forgot Alana’s Alhambra.

Fast forward twelve years to January 2022, just before Instagram really began pushing Reels and subverting posts of pictures alone. I found Goosey Fibers (Kate) somewhere along the way. Kate posted a photo of her Scylla colorway and I fell in love with it – I love deep green-blues and the pops of purpley pinks here and there.

Seeing the yarn in person, I remembered Alana’s Alhambra and decided to finally make it. But when? I was in the middle of another project (that I’ll tell you more about in another post), but I printed the pattern and kept it with the skein.


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  1. Wow that’s gorgeous x

    1. madgeface Avatar

      Thank you, Tracey!

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