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Lovely little flowers, right? Nope – it’s much more than that: it’s data.

In college, I took a class in Discourse Analysis, which is kind of like diagramming sentences but more so, with much looser rules. That class was one of two that convinced me to ditch my Creative Writing major and switch to Rhetoric. What Walter Benjamin has done is essentially perform a type of discourse analysis on various texts and then charted the results in a unique (to me) way. Very cool. Please click through (on the picture) and look at a more magnified version of this; it’s well worth the trip/extra window/extra tab.

This picture also reminds me of Edward Tufte’s work, particularly Envisioning Information because it’s the only one of his that I have; though the others look equally good & interesting, I just never got around to getting them.

Also: this pic came to me by way of Jen Beckman’s 20×200 Project, who’s tag line is “Great Artists. Affordable Prices. New Prints Every Week.” I haven’t gotten anything yet; still waiting to fall completely in love.


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