This post might throw you for a loop; read my posts from winter 2011 if it does.  One of my uncles, the one who will never change, the one born with fetal alcohol syndrome (which wasn't exactly recognized in 1965 – look at me, making excuses!), the one the same age as my oldest cousin … Continue reading Next?

Roller Girl?

Trying to come up with a roller derby name is hard. I'm not even sure sometimes if I'm really a derby girl/chick: am I fierce enough? Ten years ago: yes. Twenty years ago: definitely yes. So I'm going back to some of the music I listened to (and have continued to listen to all this … Continue reading Roller Girl?

Lost Hours

You've lost an hour to daylight savings; make it up to yourself by listening to This American Life episode #425: Slow to React. I've been listening to TAL since we lived in Chicagoland (2000-2002) and WBEZ was my local NPR station. Since I seem to be busy when WAMU broadcasts it locally in the DC … Continue reading Lost Hours

On My Own

Just before my 17th birthday, at the end of April of my junior year of high school, I moved out on my own, which consisted mainly of moving my things from Aunt Freda’s house into the manager’s quarters of the Braeside, the motel I worked at, with Cheryl, my alcoholic co-worker, and her 9 year-old. … Continue reading On My Own

Dear Dogs

Dear Jacey, Lily, and Moose,I know we’ve had this conversation before and it’s obvious to me that you did not absorb the information I have attempted to communicate in the past. First of all, please learn English, learn how to read, and get a device that will connect to the web to read this post. … Continue reading Dear Dogs


My apologies if this post seems disjointed and confessional – I’ve had a hard time trying to decide what to write about next. Chronologically, I left off glossing over my junior year of high school. I said “I went inward and created a pretty believable facade,” which is true, but isn’t the whole truth. I … Continue reading Rebellion