I started this embroidery project in 2016 or 2017 with the idea of doing something extra special with the materials and tools, which kind of accumulated over time. I've discovered that I work best this way, albeit extremely slowly. But what's the rush? I name this project Patience only after considering calling it Meditation because … Continue reading Patience

Time Flies!

February went by in the blink of an eye and it feels like the Ides of March & St. Patrick's Day 2018 will quickly be a thing of the past while I carry on privately writing, knitting, and doing other crafty things. I suppose I'm starting to come out of some kind of hibernation now … Continue reading Time Flies!

TBT: Chiengora

The first time I heard of anyone spinning dog hair into yarn and then using it to knit with was when I was in elementary school in the 80s. We had new neighbors build a house on the hill above ours; they brought 3 fluffy Samoyeds that terrorized our indoor/outdoor cats. Mr. S wore hats and … Continue reading TBT: Chiengora