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Dragon Scale Mail Mitts Mismatch

Oopsie - this is why I knit everything (socks, sleeves, cardigan fronts, mitts) two at a time; the second (right) mitt is almost 2" shorter than the first.
This is why I knit everything (socks, sleeves, cardigan fronts, mitts) two at a time
Dragonscale Mitts
Back on the needles


23 responses to “Dragon Scale Mail Mitts Mismatch”

  1. Oh, I know that must be frustrating — but wow, these are stunning! I’ve never seen something quite like it!

    1. It is a little frustrating, more than that, I can’t believe my measurements were so off when I started the thumb opening, which is where I went wrong. Oh well – the bright side is that I get to work a few more rows with scales, which is actually pretty fun.

  2. This is why I hate seeing/crocheting animals with multiple arms/legs. I should just stick to making snakes haha

    1. And snake sweaters!

      1. Haha! Just only ever make vests

        1. And sequined gloves for Michael Jackson impersonators!

          1. … and chapstick cozies

          2. Ha! Stop making me laugh. It’s too early for mirth!

          3. I’ll stop, but man, this is a fun!

          4. I lied, one last one for the road: turtle sweaters (so basically, vests with 4 armholes). Unicorn & narwhal horn cozies! Banana sweaters! Phew. I feel better now. Thanks for loling along with me!

          5. HAHAHA!! I’m trying to do yoga woman!

          6. You’re wacky. We should be friends.

          7. I have my good/wacky days and my not-so-wacky days. And I think we may’ve just become friends? Bonding over our ability to knit fraternal twin items. 😀

          8. Haha!
            Oh man, there’s an elephant I knitted for my first son that needed four double pointed needles at once. I kept making the legs different lengths and then having to redo it. Over and over and over.
            I finished the damn thing and haven’t knitted anything since haha. Crochet is so much easier

  3. PaperPuff Avatar

    So, crap that they don’t match but hurrah that they are proper amazing? And you can fix it. They are somehow really fascinating.

    1. They are fascinating and interesting to knit, which is a good thing because all the attempts I made to fix it failed. Sometimes you just have to start over.

      1. PaperPuff Avatar

        Ah well, all the more practice!

  4. I think the mitts are all the more magical for being unique. The scales have been so lovingly knitted in. Beautiful!

    1. Thank you! A friend commissioned them for her son, so they really do need to be the same size. If they were for me, I probably would leave them as is because the right one does show off my tattoo rather nicely.

  5. Wow, those are gorgeous! I’ve never knitted something with sequins – maybe the size got off because of the process of attaching them?

    1. Have you ever knit with beads? Attaching them is the same as one method for attaching beads – instead of pre-stringing the scales (one method for knitting with beads), you knit (well, purl) them together with a stitch so both legs of the stitch go through the scale. It does take a little extra time, but they are fun to work with!

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