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Fiber Art Camp

It’s summer where I live and I’m so glad I finished the two baby blankets I was working on before it got too hot! But now … now what do I work on? Because my contracting job has been slow this week, I spent a lot of time knitting headbands (shown above) and writing a pattern for them. I also picked up my embroidery and did some spinning for it. One of my friends said “I want to come to your fiber art camp!” and I got a wave of nostalgia for the crafty day camps of my youth.

After doing some polling and planning yesterday, I’ve decided to host a fiber art camp prompt challenge July 31-August 6, 2023 on Mastodon and Instagram. Note that I’m really conflicted to still be on IG so much/at all: I’ve grown really unhappy with it like many folks and I’m trying to spend more of my online time on Mastodon, which I’d be happy to help you get onto, dear reader, if you decide you want to try ad- and algorithm-free social media. Heck, you can even somehow read Mastodon with an RSS reader.

Fiber Art Camp is for anyone anywhere who wants to participate or follow along by responding to the prompts and it’s for anything you could dream of using or transforming fiber or textiles.

Macramé? Check.
Knitting? Check.
Needle felting? Embroidery? Sewing? Check check check.
Pattern design? Yes please.
Fabric/surface design? <3

Really: all are welcome!


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