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Fiber Art Portfolio

My journey into fiber arts began in earnest in 2000 and I began to document projects in 2008. Since then, I’ve created a diverse range of projects spanning embroidery, knitting, crochet, spinning yarn, and more. Each photo below links to a page with additional detail about the piece.

While this portfolio highlights some of my favorite work, it is not an exhaustive list. For a more comprehensive collection of my knitting, crochet, and spnning projects, please visit my Ravelry profile, where you’ll need an account for full access. Explore my post archives as well; I’ve written about many of these projects, which is noted in the individual pages for many of the pieces.

Original embroidery

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Flowers (2024)
Woven Embroidered Triangle (2019)
Stream (2015)
Three Trees (2010)
A circle of French knots in various shades of pink (with some blue on the edge) with the center filled with beads that get darker the closer they are to the center. The background is navy blue felt and cat hair.
Patience (2023)
Moss (2015)
Circle on a Square (2015)

Commissioned work

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Surf and Turf-inspired Baby Blanket, commission (2021)
Dragonscale Mitts, commission (2016)
Wonder Woman Wrap, commission (2017)

Knitting patterns

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This Is My Heart, pattern (2017)
Quill Eyelet Cowl, pattern (2016)
Pasithea Blanket, pattern (2015)
Double Rainbow Scarf (2015)
Owl Honeycomb Blanket, pattern (2014)
Chunky Herringbone Infinity Cowl, pattern (2016)
Infinite Wave Cowl, original pattern (2016)
Feathermoss Shawl, pattern (2015)

Select hand knit items

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Sky and Grass Hand-spun Sweater (2022)
Hand-spun Strange Brew Tee (2021)
Stjärnorna (The Stars) (2022)
Hand-spun Neck Warmer (2020)
Three Shawls (2020)
Turka Bluesky (2019)
The Green Wood (2017)
Calcifer Plush (2017)
Blue Palm Cardigan (2011)
Coastline Scarf (2018)
Cat Mittens (2017)
Welcome Blanket, improvised (2017)
Rollneck Sweater (2004)