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Follow Gemma Correll

Follow Gemma Correll on Instagram: you won’t regret it. She’s a very funny, sometimes serious cartoonist and artist. She has a website, she’s on Twitter, she has a blog (or two!), she’s got books out (that I need to investigate), she’s even on GoComics, but she appears to post most often on Instagram. Check her out!


3 responses to “Follow Gemma Correll”

  1. These are hilarious. The real-life horrors gave me goosebumps! 🙂

  2. Ghost Fashions is cute but they left one out. The “Sheer” or “See Through” ghost would be just eyes.

    1. She also left out the ever-necessary sexy version, because no Halloween costume is legit until there’s a sexy version too. /sarcasm

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