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LOL Friday: Hair!

Body hair can be funny, particularly when it’s sheepish.

Mutton chops! These make me wish it was fashionable for ladies to sport facial hair, but that’s a trend that I don’t think will ever catch on.
By Terry Border, one in a series (yes, there are more).

One for the ladies and anyone who relishes a good head of hair:

Ah, to have your own source of wool … although technically we could knit our hair; I follow weird weekends and he’s spun & knit human hair, calling it whair. You should follow him – he’s always on an adventure!

I combed the internet and could not find the artist who created this brilliant image. This is a long shot, but if you’re reading this and you know, please comment with the info! I hate not knowing and not giving credit where credit is due!


2 responses to “LOL Friday: Hair!”

  1. ha! but, oh boy, did that first image give me the heebeejeebees!

    1. The mutton chops didn’t bother me as much as the moose-stache and the porn stache (others in his punny facial hair gallery). The sheep just kind of blend in; the moose not so much.

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