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lol Friday: Woman, Marionette, Squirrel

I saw a tweet this morning and was instantly enamored:

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 11.46.50 AM

I would now like a marionette of myself to feed squirrels and bunnies and other small animals, and I also wouldn’t mind having a movable mini-me to knit for. Just imagine how quickly FOs would fly of my needle for mini-Mandy/mini-madgeface! Think of all the small animals I could feed with mini-me safely bundled in hand knits!

I poked around a bit more and found an unoriginal article on Laughing Squid, from another unoriginal article in The New York Daily News – the pair were first featured in Humans of New York, not once, but twice! In a nutshell (ha ha – a pun!): the woman in the photograph is 85 year old Doris Diether, who lost her voice; the marionette maker is a professional puppeteer and street performer, Ricky Syers; and the photographer is Nathalie Kalbach. As I read the stories behind the picture, I went from chuckling to myself and imagining a mini-me, to feeling truly touched, with some of my faith in humanity restored: I hope you have time to read them and that they do the same for you. Happy Friday!


4 responses to “lol Friday: Woman, Marionette, Squirrel”

  1. I love this story! <3

  2. I love the idea of mini person knitting! Maybe this ladies marionette needs a makeover? Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hahaha, I love this story!! How sweet and cute x
    Abby – http://www.seafoaming.com

  4. Oh, how I love this! I think we should all have miniature versions of ourselves doing the things we love most 🙂

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