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Mending Monday: Favorite Jeans

I got these jeans in 2005-2006, I reckon. They’re from Banana Republic and old enough to have pockets big enough to hold my entire flat hand so they reach to my thighs, which is very unusual for women’s jeans these days. You’re lucky if you can jam your fists into the front pockets, forget about actually storing or carrying anything in them. And that’s why I’ll patch the patches on these jeans!

I’ll also patch them because in 2017 the pockets were starting to come apart at the top corners and the crotch was going. I patched the crotch and participated in a social media #metoo thing where women embroidered support for other women on their ass. I mean, on the back pocket of their jeans, which I did and you can even read “BELIEVE WOMEN” if you look at that pocket closely enough (“WOMEN” is on the center fold of fabric underneath “BELIEVE”). Even when these jeans are essentially all patches, I’ll save that pocket: narrative social history is valuable, too.

Mended jeans mended again

In the fall of 2021 when things (including me) were falling apart and then coming back together again, I knelt down to pick something up and got a ginormous rip on near that back pocket. Friends, this wasn’t a rip to wear leggings under (as I did in high school when the rips in my jeans got too big and gaping for Vermont winters). An embarrassing rip, a rip that says THESE JEANS NO LONGER FIT.

So I repaired them and guess what? THE JEANS STILL FIT.

Mended jeans mended again

For the rip by the back pocket, I cut denim from an old pair of kids jeans with a broken zipper. I cut along the inside seam and attached that to the inside seam of my jeans. Then I smoothed and pinned it over the gaping hole, ran a few lines of zig zag stitch around the edges, and voila – fixed. I’m leaving the rest loose in case I need to patch more or, more likely, the crotch is going to disappear in a cloud of lint one day and I’ll need this patch to anchor patches for that.

Mended jeans mended again

Next up, at the four corners of the crotch, my two previous patches pulled away from the seams because I didn’t attach them to the seams or make them long enough really. Forgive me, dear reader – it was before I got the Bernina, which can sew through anything including jean seams. I simply attached the edges of the patches to the crotch seam.

Hopefully these repairs will keep me decently covered in these jeans for a while and when they do rip again – and they will, the seat of them is thinning noticeably – I’ll have a better base to make additional repairs from.


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