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(mostly) Wordless Wednesday: Nature Photos 6

The peonies are up! The peonies are up! #suzimandyphotochallenge #naturephotooff #naturephotography #flowermacro #naturephoto #peony
Unstoppable daffodil might not be the prettiest or most perfect one but it's my favorite. #suzimandyphotochallenge #naturephotooff #naturephotography #naturephoto #daffodils #unstoppable #unfiltered
Unstoppable Daffodil
I wasn't sure what this little fella on my deck railing was at first, but the I realized it was a frog/toad. Dr. Google tells me it's either a gray tree frog (Hyla versicolor) or Cope's gray tree frog (Hyla chrysoscelis). Y'all: it's one of the spring pee
Gray Tree Frog (aka spring peeper)
Pretty sure my neighborhood is at peak redbud right now. #suzimandyphotochallenge #naturephotooff #naturepics #naturephotography #nature #naturelovers #redbudtree #redbud #cerciscanadensis #notmyyard #frommyyard
Peak redbud in my neighborhood
🎶 I'm looking over a four leaf clover that I've overlooked before 🎶 Wait: that's a dandelion leaf and a violet, neither of which are clovers. I need a violet song! Also, did you know the common blue violet is also called the lesbian flower? In


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  1. Nice shots!

    By the way, I’d like to invite you to join BEPG (Bloggers Engagement Promotion Group for Those who love photograpy and arts https://www.facebook.com/groups/273744742968768/

    1. Thanks! I just requested to join & will check it out!

  2. You go daffodil!

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