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New Domain, New Design, Seachange Sweater

Well, the new domain is all set up – this is the first new post from All my old blog posts are here and I have plenty of room for more pages and more design control, so I’m quite happy with the whole thing at the moment. I just hope my followers followed me here!

The new theme/site design is all set, although I may make a few changes here and there I think it’s basically in its final-for-now form. All in all, setting everything up was relatively easy – now I just need to somehow deprecate the old blog, in part so I don’t get confused between the two; right now they look almost identical in WordPress, so I have to be extra careful that I’m making changes to the right site.

I’m currently all but done making a Seachange Sweater, designed by aka Jennifer Steinglass. I really love her sweater designs; lucky for me (and you!) she’s having a sale for all of 2018 that if you buy two of her sweaters on Ravelry, you can choose a third for free! I chose Seachange, Starfall (my last project), and Sigrùn – I limited myself to sweaters with the same gauge I got using some windfall yarn I received.

Because the windfall yarn wasn’t exactly in full sweater quantities, I had to do some juggling with the colors in Seachange. The sweater is supposed to have three colors, but mine had to have four because I knew I wouldn’t have enough of the main color. I also knit the cuffs and hem with a contrasting color, not just the collar. Oh, and that main color started out life as a mustard, not green.

I’m not sure I like the final sweater; I really don’t like the brown and yellow in the yoke, but then I know that might just be me – some people do like those colors together. I like the contrasting cuff/hem/collar color, but I’m not so sure I like it in combination with everything else. Let’s face it – it’s the yellow that really bothers me: I’m not a big yellow fan. I took forever to finish the yoke and now that I just have the ends to weave in, hopefully I will breeze through that and move on to my next project, knitting some baby girl baby shower presents! I’m not sure I’m going to post about that much until after the baby shower on May 20, so I’m going to have to *gasp* possibly have more than one project in more than one craft going at once!


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