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New Zealand: Halp!

Friends, especially those of you who’ve been to (or live in!) New Zealand, I need your help. My family is going to New Zealand December 22 to January 5; my husband’s uncle and cousins live there and are putting us all up at their place in Aukland. We’re arriving a week earlier than the rest of the crowd (my SIL, BIL + girlfriend, Ky’s cousins + 2 of their cousins from the other side of the family) and need to plan what we want to do and see for that week. My ideas so far only take up a few days:

Suggestions from the rest of the group that we might do once everyone arrives:

So who’s going? Who am I trying to keep entertained? My husband, my oldest son (19) and his girlfriend (18), my middle son (17), and my youngest son (12). And me, of course. My nephews aren’t coming, so my kids will be the only kids around but they’re all pretty mature, even my 12 year old. Everyone else is in their 20s or 30s and all of us are reasonably active – I should find some good hikes for us to go on.

Anyway – any suggestions you have are welcome and appreciated. I’m pretty bad at being the cruise director (à la Love Boat) for our vacations, but Ky’s been so busy it’s fallen on me to take a stab at planning.

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