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Rose Herringbone Cowl

Herringbone Cowl - Rose, double loop with right side showing
The finished Herringbone Infinity Cowl, modeled by my to-be-named assistant, The Mannequin.

I finally finished it, washed and blocked and everything. And of course listed it on etsy. Calculating the price for this was tricky because I won’t be able to replicate it when I finish this skein; I do have enough for one more – I only used half the skein. The yarn is discontinued and there’s nothing like it on the market right now; it’s a bulky weight chain plied tape yarn made with 90% extra fine merino and 10% nylon.

Herringbone Cowl - Rose, close up of right side
The right side of the fabric so you can see the structure of the yarn. (I did take another close up of it a few weeks ago, but this one is, uh, fresh.)

I think I mentioned in a previous post that knitting with this yarn was really tricky, like knitting really soft rubber bands or super stretchy elastic. The finished cowl is really, really soft – it doesn’t feel like wool at all – and it’s also really, really stretchy. Stretchy enough to comfortably wear tripled around your neck, maybe even quadrupled.

I know it’s not really the right season for selling cowls and scarves, but I can’t stop designing and making them; they’re so quick and easy and fun. I’m in the early stages of designing another one, this time with sock yarn because there are just so many great hand dyed sock yarns out there to work with.

In listing this cowl on etsy, I realized that I haven’t listed the first sample that I made, the one that’s pictured in the pattern. I also have a finished Owl Honeycomb Blanket to list, but I need to list it as a lap blanket, not a baby blanket, because it’s knit with wool that must be hand washed and I wouldn’t give something that needs to be hand-washed a new parent (or a new baby, for that matter).

I suddenly have lots to do; I wish I had thought of all this the other day when I felt like I had nothing to do (nothing but housework, anyway, and who wants to do that?) and therefore spent the day on Pinterest creating an account & many boards for The Yarn Office. I’m glad I created a separate one for The Yarn Office, but part of me wishes that I’d just used my regular old account; I’m repinning a lot from it. I’m organizing it a little bit better, so at least there’s that. And I’m still pinning non-yarney things to my other account.

Anyway, I’m rambling now. I’m going to go take more pictures and list those two other things on etsy. Happy Friday! Have a good weekend!


4 responses to “Rose Herringbone Cowl”

  1. chicken46 Avatar

    I am loving the infinity cowl!

    1. Thank you! I’m on an infinity cowl kick – this is the 4th one. I can’t stop & may need a knittervention. 😛

  2. That cowl is gorgeous. I love the look of that yarn.

    1. Thanks so much! That yarn was quite an adventure. I still have the other half of the skein to knit – I’m still not sure what I’m going to do with it. 🙂

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