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Ruts and Getting Out of Them

I’ve been in a rut, a slump. After being on fire creatively for most of the spring, June found me winding down some and busy with other things, like my son’s high school graduation and his college orientation. This is just part of what’s going on with one of my boys; the other two have things going on as well, although none of them quite so life-changing.

All of this to say that I’ve slowed down with fiber art. I planned on participating in Tour de Fleece (you spin yarn every day of the Tour de France, there are teams of spinners on Ravelry with prizes and challenges) but we were away the weekend it started and I just never got around to it.


I finished the Hourglass Cowl Scarf, earlier this month, and finally took some pictures of it today. The chart is all set but I’ve been putting of writing the pattern and taking better pictures of it. I swatched and came up with a design that I submitted to a yarn company, but they turned me down, which threw me for a loop (so punny!) but I’m okay with it, really. Next time I’m going to look more closely at the patterns they have published to get a better idea of what they might accept. My Old Town sweater still looks like a Thneed – I haven’t worked on it since 4th of July weekend.

My (step) sister asked me to make her an Azel Pullover. She crochets and spotted it on Ravelry but doesn’t know how to knit and so asked me if I’d knit it for her. I decided this would be the perfect distraction and just finished it today – it took me 10 days to make after the yarn arrived from Craftsy.

So I’ve been in a bit of a creative rut, procrastinating with the designing things I could be doing (finishing the Hourglass Scarf pattern), knitting & writing the pattern for the design that the yarn company passed on, and other projects. I started using a bullet journal just before I started blogging again and using that really helped me get organized. So, my goals for this coming week, which is the week before we go on vacation to the beach:

  1. Revive my bullet journal; instead of just filling using the monthly spread (or feeling the pressure of the daily spread), come up with a weekly spread & set weekly goals. Also, need to do the August spread.
  2. Get more of the Hourglass Scarf pattern written and decide whether or not to write all the instructions or just provide the chart.
  3. Finish writing that etsy listing that I started for a custom knit.
  4. Vacation planning & packing. We leave Saturday.
  5. Put all of this ^^^ in the bullet journal.


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