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Spring Cleaning

Yesterday I tidied up part of The Yarn Office, my work/studio space (and the name of my etsy shop). I used to occupy the room in our house known as the office but outgrew that several years ago and took over our formal living room. One of my sons called it “The Yarn Office,” which we all thought was very funny at the time, and the name stuck.

The Yarn Office
My work space in The Yarn Office

I feel so much better having cleared my desk off and tidied most of the boxes and baskets that are hidden underneath it. I also cleaned off the top of my yarn stash cabinet, but not the inside – I still need to go through my stash (which has spilled over into a basket and box) and sort out the bottom shelf, which is where I shove yarn & project bags and where I keep things I don’t want to part with, like old journals and projects the kids have done. The bottom drawer also needs a good clean-out; it’s where I keep my knitting needles, beading supplies, extra whorls for my spinning wheel, and other miscellaneous things.

The Yarn Office
The Yarn Stash Cabinet

See those rolls of fabric in the corner in the yarn stash picture? I need to do something with them, like sell them or give them away. I’ve had one of them for 5 years and the other for 2. I was going to make curtains, but I don’t get along well with my sewing machine (ironic because I come from a long line of seamstresses). If I haven’t done anything with that fabric yet, I don’t think I’m going to. That pretty much applies to the rest of my fabric stash – I need to use it or lose it. This spring has been all about being realistic about what I can and want to do and letting go of things & projects that I’m not going to tackle any time soon.

I haven’t even touched on my fiber stash, which is taking up a little room under my desk and an entire corner of my dining room. I’m hoping to take my unwashed fleece & washed but not carded fleece to Maryland Sheep & Wool next weekend to drop off at the Singleton Fiber Processing booth. They’re within driving distance; I just haven’t gotten around to getting my fleece there since I decided 2 years ago that I’m not interested in processing them myself. I’m glad I know how to go from sheep to yarn but I’d rather work with finished roving for now, which I haven’t been doing because I have fleece guilt. Ah, the life of a procrastinator is filled with guilt, but I’m working on both of those problems.

How about you? Have you done any spring cleaning?


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  1. chicken46 Avatar

    Ooh, I have office envy. My space looks like something exploded in it. Can’t even see the floor!

    1. Well, before I started, I couldn’t see the surface of the desk or the top of the yarn storage cabinet if that’s any consolation. And the stuff that was there that I hadn’t recently been using was all covered in dust. 🙂

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