Lola B! Books! Reading!

Lola, also known as Lola Bird or Lola B, had an early morning appointment today with Dr. Hussian. She was born in early September and I put her spaying appointment off partly out of an unrealistic fantasy that I could mate our little black polydactyl with another guy polydactyl for little polydactyl kittens. Given my present non-farm-like set up and the words of KittenLady (among others) encouraging me to spay her, I bowed to pressure. I also put it off a bit because my husband was between contracts, but he’s gotten something so some of the financial pressure is off.

“I did great today. I wuv u and see u tonight. 🐾🐈💕

Off to the vet we went this morning. I got a call at 11 from Dr. Hussian saying everything went fine, and then I got a text at 12 with this picture and the caption text.

She doesn’t look too pleased, does she? I picked her up at 5, which brings me to my trip to the bookstore. I had 40 minutes between dropping Henry off at taekwondo and the time I needed to be at the vet. I thought about going to Starbucks for a coffee, but decided not to waste my money since I wasn’t really in the mood for coffee. So I went to the bookstore.

It was glorious.

Books I’m reading, books I’m going to read

I came out with the middle 3 books in the stack below. I’m currently reading The Amazons by Adrienne Mayor – it’s fascinating and detailed and sometimes overwhelming; I can only read so much of it (perhaps a chapter at a time) before I shut down and stop absorbing it. So I need to balance it with other books. I just finished reading Cults Inside Out by Rick Alan Ross, which I may write another post about. For now, let me just say it’s well written and a solid resource for information. My trip to the bookstore wasn’t entirely needed, though, since I have The Quick and the Dead by Joy Williams on deck.

Who could resist a new-to-you Alice Hoffman or A. M. Homes? And I love the movie version of Something Wicked This Way Comes as well as Ray Bradbury’s writing (I recently read the other two books in his loosely autobiographical Green Town series), so I should really read and own the book, right? I mean anyone in my position would do the same.

Lola B in a moment of relative peace (or is that resignation?)

Now I just need to pick something to start (or continue!) while I sit with my Lola B tonight. She’s confined to the master bedroom, and while I left her cowering under the bed desperately trying to get the cone off, I can hear her running around as I type this – I’m sure she’ll be fine, right? She wouldn’t do more than what her body can handle right now, right? sigh This is worse than having an injured toddler, I think.

Wordy Wordless Wednesday: Final Nature Photos

My friend Suzi and I were doing a nature photo challenge, taking a posting a photo (nearly) each day. On Sunday we decided that after 6 weeks, it was time to end it. So here’s the last in that series, though I know I’ll still be taking photos of the natural world and posting them.

I blinked & the lilacs budded & bloomed. They smell like ... well, like lilacs.
Spring escalated quickly: the apple tree is covered with buds & blossoms. #suzimandyphotochallenge #naturephotooff #naturephotography #naturephoto #naturemacro #flowermacro #flowerstagram #flowerslovers #flowersofinstagram #appleblossom #appletree
Apple blossoms
It's a natural two-fer: Mizz Eevee and the redbud! She'd love to make the screen between her and the bumblebees disappear ... alas. #suzimandyphotochallenge #naturephotooff #eeveecat #redbudtree #cerciscanadensis #cats_of_instagram #catstagram #catsofinst
Eevee & the Redbud.
She’d love to make the screen between her and the bumblebees disappear … alas.