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  • Fiber Art Camp

    Fiber Art Camp

    Fiber Art Camp is for anyone anywhere who wants to participate or follow along by responding to the prompts and it’s for anything you could dream of using or transforming fiber or textiles.

  • Calcifer Plush

    A few years ago, I started introducing one of my best friends, Suzi, to Miyazaki movies. She had seen Kiki’s Delivery Service, but only that one movie. We started with Howl’s Moving Castle and she fell in love with Calcifer, the fire demon who keeps the castle moving, among other things. As we worked our…

  • Emergency Project: The Conclusion

    This is one in a series of posts about an emergency (of my own making) project – here’s the post that started it all, the first update, the second update, the third update. There it is in all it’s glory: the finished blanket, slightly squished to fit on the couch cushions. I have maybe 1/8th of each…