LOL Friday: Hair!

Body hair can be funny, particularly when it’s sheepish.

Mutton chops! These make me wish it was fashionable for ladies to sport facial hair, but that’s a trend that I don’t think will ever catch on.
By Terry Border, one in a series (yes, there are more).

One for the ladies and anyone who relishes a good head of hair:

Ah, to have your own source of wool … although technically we could knit our hair; I follow weird weekends and he’s spun & knit human hair, calling it whair. You should follow him – he’s always on an adventure!

I combed the internet and could not find the artist who created this brilliant image. This is a long shot, but if you’re reading this and you know, please comment with the info! I hate not knowing and not giving credit where credit is due!

Follow Friday: Follow Finch

I’m lucky to live really close to Finch Knitting and Sewing Studio but I don’t tend to get out and about as much as I should, so I keep tabs on their goings-on via social media (mainly Instagram and Facebook) and their blog. The shop and Nicole, the owner, made national news earlier this year for being so welcoming and inclusive. They have classes and workshops and retreats and are in one of the cutest historical buildings in my town. On top of all that, Nicole stocks thoughtful, high quality yarns and fabrics. Finch is the only place local to me (well, without traveling too far into the DC metro area) that stocks Liberty fabrics. Finch is also an authorized Bernina dealer and I desperately need to replace my basic-level 25 year old sewing machine. I’m almost afraid to go in the shop because I know I’ll walk out with an empty wallet but on the other hand, I know I would find a community of creatives there, so Finch is on my stretch list – I know once I start going regularly, I’ll fit right in.

Bonus: today is the day that Finch Boxes launch! I’m really tempted to subscribe even though I could (in theory) walk to the store (in an hour or two) – I would love to get something crafty from Finch in my mailbox!

Follow Friday

Yes, I think I’m funny, and no, I know I’m not the first person to make this joke, but I can’t help it – it’s too deliciously punny to pass up. Have a great Friday and an adventurous but flying-monkey-free weekend!

Follow Friday

I thought this week would be a good week to highlight some of the WordPress blogs I follow, especially since I was too busy dodging in-laws and getting ready for an event to post last week. So happy Friday and I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I do!

Weird Weekends: Adventurous weekend projects (with fantastic parenthetical comments and back stories) that run the gamut from cheese making to weaving to spinning hair. (Yes, human hair – fascinating!!!)

PaperPuff: Card-making at it’s finest and most entertaining. I don’t personally make my own cards often, but Gillian’s card projects make me wish I did. She’s also very entertaining, with great tangents and back stories.

Edge of Humanity Magazine: A flurry of posts, usually on Monday. Most are photo essays from all over the world, with a few poetry posts tossed in there.

Duck and Cover: Talya’s knitting adventures and, most recently, dying adventures – I’m really enjoying watching her explore yarn bases and dyes.

Lastly, I uncovered this gem yesterday while looking for something to post for TBT and am sharing because a post without a picture is … a post without a picture. Well, less exciting I suppose. Plus this is the secret to happiness, so I can’t go wrong, right?

Now we know! Lard is the answer!

Follow The Awkward Yeti

It’s been a very trying week for me, and not just because of the election. I’m switching one of my medications to something else so that maybe I can stop clenching my jaw, grinding my teeth, and biting my tongue and cheeks. But of course, my insurance plan (which we pay for out of pocket, not through an employer) won’t cover the new medication unless it’s medically necessary. Luckily the pharmacy contacted my doctor who contacted insurance who contacted the pharmacy and I’ve started the 3 week transition to the new medicine.

All this to say that I’ve been relying on The Awkward Yeti, a web comic by Nick Seluk, for some light hearted (and sometimes profound) comic relief. You can find him on Facebook, which is where I end up seeing most of his stuff, or check out his website, or find him on  gocomics, which I actually signed up for. Here’s a small sampling, all linked to




Follow Pantsuit Nation

Pantsuit Nation? Sounds political. It is. It’s a group on Facebook for Hillary Clinton supporters who plan to vote for Hillary next Tuesday while wearing a pantsuit (that’s a lady suit with pants instead of a skirt). An acquaintance and Facebook friend added me to the group and the women (and men) posting in it have saved my sanity in the last week. Since I’ve been added, the group has grown from 250,000ish to 597,564 as of this moment. The majority of the posts are positive thanks to posting guidelines and some admins who are really on the ball.

If you have similar political views and would like to join in, even if you’re not US citizen or can’t vote for some reason,  try this link or let me know in the comments – I’ll friend you on FB and add you.

In other news, I’ve sworn off posting election-related things to Facebook, again. My BA is a double – Rhetoric & French – and despite that first one, I hate arguing, much less arguing politics. I also doubt that I’m going to change anyone’s mind or help someone make up their mind at this point. So if you’re not a fan of Hillary, no worries – I’m not trying to convince anyone, I’m just spreading the word about a safe place online for like-minded people.