The Week July 3-July 9

Last week:

      • Pick up Aranami (which I did knit on over the weekend) and knit more wedges.
        I finished the row I was working on and wove in all the ends from the row before (I’m spit splicing ends and using them to pick up stitches for new wedges where I can to save on weaving in).
      • Continue the fox embroidery project.
        I’m almost done with the pinks; I have another quadrant of the pillow to embroider with them.
      • Go to TKD at least once.
        I went twice. The second one was a doozy.
      • Suck it up and do the Strength Training workout.
        There was no sucking up and no workout.
      • Pick out a spinning project and spindle to kick off Tour de Fleece (July 1-23).
        Done. I’ve spun every day! (It’s only been 2 days, but I’ll take those victories where I earn them anyway.)

    TdF 2017 day 2
    Spunky Eclectic BFL in the Ballroom Dancing colorway from MDS&W 2016 on my favorite spindle.
  • Set goals for TdF. I know I want to spin every day, but I need to look at my fiber stash (and those fleeces I still have) and set more goals than just that. Or maybe less is more? Some pondering is in order.
    Less is more; spinning every day is the one and only goal.
  • I’m taking a road trip to Norfolk, VA Friday-Sunday;
    It was a lovely trip! Saturday we did our usual walk around Norfolk’s Ghent neighborhood; Local Heroes – the comic book shop, Stella’s – a great café, Baa Baa Sheep – the yarn store, a new used book store, then Toast for dinner.

This week:

  • Carry on with Aranami/Imanara. (I give all of my Ravelry projects names that sometimes are a nod to the pattern name, sometimes not. In this case Imanara is Aranami backwards.)
  • Finish the pinks in the Fox Embroidery project.
  • Spin for Tour de Fleece every day.
  • Go to TKD once or more.
  • Get the house ready & grocery shop for the return of my family from S. Korea. They’re on a trip with the TKD school, which my middle and youngest started 2 weeks early so they could train with the Koreans. It appears to have paid off; Henry (my youngest) won his division in a jumping front kick competition and won his division in sparring!
Jumping Front Kick Competition
On the Podium for Sparring

TBT: My Middle Son


This guy graduates from high school this weekend and then jets off to South Korea Monday with his little brother for tae kwon do training. Here are 2 TBT pictures taken June 11, 2011, right after the boys earned their white belts (the first belt you earn in TKD), Ethan is on the left. So proud of him and the funny, unique man he is becoming – the Hawaiian shirt and pineapple were his idea for his casual look during his senior photo session.

Give em a good belting.
 Say cheese. No, really, like this: CHEESE!

TBT: My First Sweater


That’s my youngest son in 2004 sporting my first sweater. Isn’t he sweet? I wish I could squeeze his cheeks and tickle his toes today (I could but he’s old enough for that to be awkward). The pattern is Sweetheart Pullover by Melanie Falick and Kristin Nicholas from their book Knitting for Baby: 30 Heirloom Projects with Complete How-to-Knit Instructions. It was a great pattern to use as a first sweater and gave me lots of confidence.

Not long after, I took a big risk and made my second sweater: the Rogue hoodie by Jenna Wilson, which I don’t have pictures of. Rogue is intricately cabled and technically complex but it’s a really well written pattern and because of Jenna’s pattern-writing skills, I was able to make it. I’m curious about first projects; for anyone reading who knits or crochets or weaves or does something else fiber art-related, what was your first project involving a particular garment?