LOL Friday: Yeti vs. Godzilla

You may wonder how this is fiber or knitting or crochet or yarn related (I mean, I’m trying to keep my posts topical to that, right?) but you’ll understand when you see the Yeti’s first close up. Please enjoy the rest of this ever so slightly political and moral story, though you may be laughing because it’s a little odd, but I have a special place in my heart for such things. Plus it’s Yeti vs. Godzilla; how much more entertainment do you want from the interwebs?

LOL Friday: What Have I Been Doing This Week?

Thanks to our celebration of the Memorial Day holiday here in the US, I slacked on my blogging schedule. To be fair, the family we stayed with in New Zealand was in town, so we spent Monday cleaning and preparing a big meal for them, and then spent Tuesday in DC seeing the sights with them. It’s just been an odd week and I decided to take an impromptu blogging break. But I can’t miss LOL Friday, so here are some alternate explanations of what I’ve been doing this week.

LOL Friday: Cat Squad Goals

My apologies for skipping my usual posts for this week. Part of me thinks that so many posts a week is overwhelming for people following me (and sometimes for me) and part of me thinks that having a regular M-F schedule is a good thing. At any rate, it’s been a busy week!

Is anyone with me on this? If not tiny sweaters, perhaps:

Follow The Awkward Yeti

It’s been a very trying week for me, and not just because of the election. I’m switching one of my medications to something else so that maybe I can stop clenching my jaw, grinding my teeth, and biting my tongue and cheeks. But of course, my insurance plan (which we pay for out of pocket, not through an employer) won’t cover the new medication unless it’s medically necessary. Luckily the pharmacy contacted my doctor who contacted insurance who contacted the pharmacy and I’ve started the 3 week transition to the new medicine.

All this to say that I’ve been relying on The Awkward Yeti, a web comic by Nick Seluk, for some light hearted (and sometimes profound) comic¬†relief. You can find him on Facebook, which is where I end up seeing most of his stuff, or check out his website, or find him on ¬†gocomics, which I actually signed up for. Here’s a small sampling, all linked to