Roller Girl?

Trying to come up with a roller derby name is hard. I'm not even sure sometimes if I'm really a derby girl/chick: am I fierce enough? Ten years ago: yes. Twenty years ago: definitely yes. So I'm going back to some of the music I listened to (and have continued to listen to all this … Continue reading Roller Girl?

Lost Hours

You've lost an hour to daylight savings; make it up to yourself by listening to This American Life episode #425: Slow to React. I've been listening to TAL since we lived in Chicagoland (2000-2002) and WBEZ was my local NPR station. Since I seem to be busy when WAMU broadcasts it locally in the DC … Continue reading Lost Hours

On My Own

Just before my 17th birthday, at the end of April of my junior year of high school, I moved out on my own, which consisted mainly of moving my things from Aunt Freda’s house into the manager’s quarters of the Braeside, the motel I worked at, with Cheryl, my alcoholic co-worker, and her 9 year-old. … Continue reading On My Own

Dear Dogs

Dear Jacey, Lily, and Moose,I know we’ve had this conversation before and it’s obvious to me that you did not absorb the information I have attempted to communicate in the past. First of all, please learn English, learn how to read, and get a device that will connect to the web to read this post. … Continue reading Dear Dogs


My apologies if this post seems disjointed and confessional – I’ve had a hard time trying to decide what to write about next. Chronologically, I left off glossing over my junior year of high school. I said “I went inward and created a pretty believable facade,” which is true, but isn’t the whole truth. I … Continue reading Rebellion